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three foundations

All of our locations are built upon these three platforms.

Good for the Body:

  • Product:  Made from simple, probiotic-rich yogurt – retains all of the nutritional benefits of table yogurt.
  • Active Cultures:  Begins at 100 million parts per gram and reaches as high as almost 500 million parts per gram – at the time of consumption.
  • The Seal:  di’lishi is proud to serve frozen yogurt that has received the prestigious Live and Active Cultures seal from the National Yogurt Association.
  • Special Dietary Needs:  Each day we provide at least one sugar-free, and one sorbet. 80% of our yogurt on tap every day is gluten-free.
  • So Fresh: Our fruit is cut fresh every day and is never canned or frozen.

Good For the Environment:

The goal of every di’lishi is to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  We’ve taken thorough steps towards making sure everything in our shop can be recycled, and is as environmentally friendly as possible. The ways in which this is accomplished include the following:

  • Disposable profile is completely recyclable and is recycled to the fullest extent possible at each location
  • XLERATOR hand dryers use 80% less energy and are GreenspecCertified
  • Glycol recycling cooling system saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water monthly and prevents thousands of gallons of waste water from emptying into city sewers
  • Use of recyclable and compostable products
  • Vegetable based ink for hand stamps
  • Yogurt bowls are 100% recyclable
  • Spoons are made of either recyclable plastic or biodegradable plant starch
  • Coffee cups and filters are 100% recyclable and most of our coffees are direct trade.
  • All of our cleaning supplies are eco-friendly
  • Reusable house coupons are made of natural wood

Good for the Community:

di’lishi is commitmed to building community within our shops, as well connecting with the larger community in a way that is good for all.

  • Design: Variety of indoor/outdoor seating options for friends, family, meetings and relaxing with free WiFi. Party room in most locations with party packages available.
  • Connection:  Plugged in and concerned about the needs of customers and community. Help available with planning special events.
  • Giving Back: Trademarked fro yo’self into our community® giveback program.  At the end of each quarter, first ($500), second ($300) and third  ($200) place cash awards are presented to three charities. di’lishi is delighted to be able to give back to the community in this way.