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Answers to a few of the more common inquiries.

What is the nutritional information on your yogurt?
There is a searchable, sortable nutrition table that can be found right here.

Where are you located?
Our shops are spread throughout central North Carolina, northern Georgia and soon, southern Virginia. A full list of our locations can be viewed here.

How much does a cup of di’lishi fro-yo cost?
We feel that one of the very best things about the self-serve experience is the ability to control how much you spend. Instead of a full-service bar, where you get S, M, or L cups at a set price, di’lishi charges by the weight of the cup – a set price per ounce – so you can spend exactly what you want to and feel good about it. We serve only the highest quality ingredients available, which means that no matter what your cup costs, we believe you are making a valuable investment in your health.

Do you have any non-dairy?
Yes, in every di’lishi frozen yogurt bar location, you will find one non-dairy, fruit-based sorbet on tap every single day.

Do you have any sugar-free yogurt?
Yes! Along with one non-dairy flavor on tap every day, we also provide one NSA (no sugar added) flavor for those watching their sugar intake or with diabetes. The only sugar in these flavors occur naturally through trace amounts in the milk and/or in fruit flavors. They do not contain aspartame.

Is your yogurt Vegan/Vegetarian friendly?
All of the frozen yogurt at di’lishi is dairy based, therefore it would not be considered vegan. The only varieties that would be considered vegan, would be our fruit-based sorbets.

Are you hiring?
We will post any hiring opportunities on the Facebook pages of the individual locations. Keep an eye out!

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! We have rechargeable gift cards available for sale at all locations.

What flavors are on tap?
Each location will post their flavors on their individual Facebook pages. A list of our locations can be found here.

Where can I get information about having di’lishi cater an event?
Each location determines their own catering guidelines, so call your local shop for details.

Where can I get information on birthday parties?
There are several di’lishi party options available. Contact your local di’lishi for details.

Where can I get information on franchising opportunities?
You can access our initial information inquiry here or email us at [email protected].

How often do your flavors change?
There is no clear answer to this question. Generally speaking, the flavors change frequently, and if your favorite is not running at any given time, it will be back soon!