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The small-batch roasted goodness that’s freshly brewed for your cup.



di’lishi is proud to offer delicious PERC coffee in our stores. Philip Brown (Owner and Roast Master) started this company in 2010 in the Starland district of Savannah, Georgia. Philip roasts each order by hand, in small batches, to ensure high quality and flavor. In addition, PERC offers Direct Trade varieties – which we find quite di’lishi!

The cherry on top? di’lishiR&D has worked with PERC Coffee to create two exclusive offerings for all our di’lishiNATION coffee drinkers. Our medium-bodied di’lishi blend is one of three standard coffee choices along with our other exclusive storm’s a brewin’ (full-bodied) and simmer down (decaf). All three varieties are for sale in our shops both by the cup, as well as whole bean by the pound.

Our coffee system is phenomenal, and the result of our relentless search to find a coffee brewer that would rival the quality you would expect from a top-notch coffee house. After finally finding the perfect system, we couldn’t wait to bring it to you – and the really fun part is that the process of taking it from whole bean to a finished cup is controlled by you! This unique machine grinds the coffee and utilizes an amazing reverse French Press system to deliver quite a di’lishi cup o’ joe! Our employees will be happy to show you how to use our coffee system, but here’s a fair warning: prepare to be addicted. Be sure to make use of our coffee “toppings” too.

To find out more about PERC Coffee, visit them at PERCcoffee.com, “like” them on Facebook or follow them @PERCCOFFEE on Twitter!