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Meet our new tag line

Ever since I first created di’lishi, I knew I wanted an epic tag line. There were some different catch phrases I used when we first opened – but they were just that, catch phrases. I knew a tag line wasn’t something I could rush or force if it was going to be, indeed, epic. I felt that something as important as the prescribed “no more than 6 words” that would define my company for all of posterity was simply not something I should claim … but something I should grow into.

So, I was willing to wait.

Now, I’d like to say I did this in a completely patient manner – but that would not be necessarily true. I have a franchisee that came on board last year and he was very interested in helping me come up with something catchy – and so I would go through spurts of complete mental overdrive where I’d scribble things that would pop into my head, text back and forth with my franchisee and then lynch people walking by me in the office and rattle off the latest epiphany-laden list only to have whomever I grabbed look at me, sigh, and say, “You’re driving yourself crazy … and you’re driving us crazy, too.” So, inevitably I would sigh and put it all back on the shelf to wait until something else triggered me to start scribbling again. I believed that at the right time the right combination of words would come into focus and wake me during the night – or even better yet, burst into my thoughts while drying my hair. Everyone who knows me knows that my most brilliant thoughts usually involve drying my hair, which I attribute to all the blood rushing to my brain when my head flips over.

I recognized from the start that our tag line needed to center around what differentiates us in the market. I knew I wanted it to be a tag that had the ability to tumble in upon itself with multiple layers of meaning that would not apply to any other company as authentically as it would apply to ours. I didn’t want it to be cheesy or involve a silly play on words. I wanted it, rather, to brim over with valuable content and provide many different facets to feature in multiple mediums of advertising, as well as in relationship building opportunities with our customers.

Finally, I thought I had found it.

During a planning meeting one afternoon, one of my staffers was talking about some marketing research she had done and a comment she made really stuck with me. It was a bit of an “ah-ha” moment and I called the meeting to a halt to talk about what she had said and its possible use as a tag line. We all really liked it and decided we would tentatively declare it the front-runner. However, something continued to gnaw at me a little … like, I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. It lacked a little bit of glitter. I didn’t want it to have much … but just a pinch … because let’s face it; I think everything is better with a pinch of glitter.

Despite that little whisper of hesitance, the rest of me loved the tag – so we pressed on and prepared to launch it at our upcoming recurrent training day with all the owners and managers within the franchise. We made a lovely power-point presentation to build up to the announcement and I saved it for one of the last items of the day. As the big reveal drew nigh, I started to feel anxious. It was like there were two voices yelling in my head and one was yelling, “Tah-Dahhhh!” while the other was yelling, “Abort! Abort!” My staff was looking at me with confusion as I stood there – the conversation in my head obviously apparent by the look on my face – until suddenly I announced that I was moving on to the take-away points for the day and skipped right over the whole thing. My staff stood there looking at me like I had grown a second head and I made a little nod letting them know I was aware of said second head, but it was the one yelling, “Abort!” and so I listened.

Two weeks later while I was drying my hair …

I know, I know … crazy isn’t it? I’m telling you, my hair plus a turbo dryer always equals something worthwhile (except for the time it involved me losing my balance, hitting my head on our granite tub, taking a trip to the emergency room and nursing a concussion). What is so interesting though, is that it happened just like I believed it would. It happened when I was not thinking about it. For once, I wasn’t trying to formulate the perfect tag – I was just thinking about stuff. I was actually thinking about all of you, our customers. I was thinking about details of projects we were working on and how we could share them with you in an engaging way and in a way that continues to nurture the trust you’ve placed in our brand. And then my thoughts turned to questions. Why do I feel so passionate about what sets us apart from the other chains that have several years growth on us? What is supporting my confidence that the di’lishi model offers opportunity for growth long after the frozen yogurt craze has reached its peak? What am I giving all of you to ensure that you feel your time and money are well spent in our stores? At the end of the day, what DOES make us so different from everything else out there? And right there in the middle of my thoughts, questions, and mousse application (smile), a profound truth entered my mind and exploded like the last firework on the 4th of July. All of the answers to my questions boiled down to this fundamental fact:

I built di’lishi to be so much MORE than just a frozen yogurt bar.

Yes, I was and always will be committed to serving what I believe is the highest quality frozen yogurt available … but the real heart of di’lishi is built on the “more”. The “more” is not just what you see and taste at di’lishi; but rather, what you feel and believe about di’lishi. The “more” is rooted in not just what you get when you go through the line – but what you experience while you stay and what you take with you when you leave. It’s about what is good for you – but also what is good for your community around you. We want to provide you with choices you can feel good about and that you can feel good about sharing with others. In its simplest form, di’lishi is a self-serve frozen yogurt bar where you have the opportunity to create your very own custom cup of premium quality yummy. That is where it all starts. However, in its richest form, di’lishi is a spacious community destination where you can do homework, bring a date, host a party, celebrate a victory, mend a broken heart, reward a hard-earned achievement and most importantly … give money back into your community every single time you cast a vote on your way out the door.

So, as I stood there with my head still flipped over – lost in all of those thoughts and questions – I realized that the tag line I was looking for was right there in front of me all along. I could forget the prescribed, “no more than 6 words”, I read about when googling, “how to come up with a good tag line”, all those months ago. I realized that I could define the purpose of my company and confidently say it all in just 3 simple, yet powerful words. They’re everything I waited for, including the glitter.

“di’lishi: create something more”

This opportunity is what I want for each and every one of you, each and every time you come through our doors. May you always experience the “more”!

I love you, di’lishiNATION.