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An information repository for what swirls around in your cup.

Every di’lishi has 10 flavors on tap that are rotated regularly with over 60 toppings to choose from! Check out our flavor options, then see what’s on tap at your local di’lishi.

Use the table below to search out nutrition info for all of your favorites. All of the details are sortable and searchable based on all of the parameters that are included for each flavor.

flavor nameserving sizecaloriestotal fattotal carbohydratesugarproteinallergens
blueberry acai sorbet1/2 cup90022160None
bowl o' berries sorbet1/2 cup90022160
chocolate silk sorbet1/2 cup1000.525141
cranberry orange sorbet1/2 cup90023170
granny smith sorbet1/2 cup90022160
juicy watermelon sorbet1/2 cup90022160
key lime sorbet1/2 cup90023170
kiwi strawberry sorbet1/2 cup90021150
mango tango sorbet1/2 cup80021150
mango-orange-tango sorbet1/2 cup85022160
orange burst sorbet1/2 cup90023160
orange you glad it's passionfruit sorbet1/2 cup90022160
pink lemon ice sorbet1/2 cup90021150
pomegranate raspberry sorbet
1/2 cup100023180
tropical fusion sorbet1/2 cup95023170
very limeberry sorbet1/2 cup90021160None
nsa banana split1/2 cup8501964M
nsa brown sugar praline1/2 cup8001963M
nsa butter pecan poundcake1/2 cup7501963M/E
nsa caramel macchiato1/2 cup8001964M
nsa chocolate cupcake1/2 cup8002064M/E
nsa chocolate dipped strawberry1/2 cup8001964M
nsa chocolicious1/2 cup9002064M
nsa chocolicious cheesecake1/2 cup8502064M
nsa cheese danish1/2 cup7501963.5M/E
nsa coffee cake1/2 cup7001963M/E
nsa cup o’ joe1/2 cup8001964M
nsa cupcake batter1/2 cup7001963M/E
nsa di’lishi coffeecake1/2 cup8001964M
nsa di’lishi mochachino1/2 cup8502064M
nsa dreamy irish creamy1/2 cup8001963
nsa english toffee1/2 cup8502064M
nsa espresso cheesecake1/2 cup8001963M
nsa ny cheesecake1/2 cup8001963M
nsa raspberry cheesecake1/2 cup8001863M
nsa raspberry cupcake1/2 cup7001963M/E
nsa raspberry truffle1/2 cup9001864M
nsa red ripe raspberry1/2 cup7001763M
nsa strawberries and bananas1/2 cup8001864M
nsa strawberry cheesecake1/2 cup7501963M
nas strawberry cupcake1/2 cup70018163M/E
nsa sweet strawberry1/2 cup7001863M
nsa sweet cream1/2 cup8001964M
berries gone wild tart1/2 cup100021163M
blueberry acai tart1/2 cup110023183M
cranberryummi tart1/2 cup90020142M
queen of tarts1/2 cup90019132M
raspberry pomegranate tart1/2 cup100022173M
tahitian tart1/2 cup100021163M
alpine vanilla1/2 cup100022183M
an angel eating oreos1/2 cup110025192M/E/S/W
angel food cake1/2 cup110025191M/E/W
banana bread pudding1/2 cup100021174M/E
bananas foster1/2 cup110222183M/E
berry blue1/2 cup100022173M
brownie batter bowl1/2 cup1200.524193M/E
butter pecan pound cake1/2 cup115122183M/E
cake batter1/2 cup120221173M/E
caramel cake1/2 cup120222183M/E
caramel macchiato1/2 cup110022173M/E
caramel peanut cluster1/2 cup125322174M/E/P
caramel pecan cluster1/2 cup130225193M
caramel pecan marshmall'yo1/2 cup115124193
caribbean cream1/2 cup105122183M/S/TN
chocolate chip cookies1/2 cup120223173M/E/S/W
chocolate covered banana1/2 cup1002.524183M
chocolate covered caramel1/2 cup120223183M/E
cinnamon roll1/2 cup120222173M/ E
cinnamon honey bun1/2 cup1202.52016.53.5M/E
coconut cake1/2 cup110122183M/S/TN
cookies and cream1/2 cup110025183M/E/S/W
cookies and cream cake1/2 cup115122.5183M/E/S/W
creamy caramel1/2 cup120222183M/E
creamy caramel macaroon1/2 cup115122.5182.5M/E/S/C
creme brûlée 1/2 cup1403.522183M/E
dandy cotton candy1/2 cup90020173M
di'lishi bananarama1/2 cup100021173M
di’lishi blackberry1/2 cup110023193M
di'lishi butter pecan1/2 cup110022183M/N
di'lishi cappuccino1/2 cup100021.5183M/E
di'lishi coconut candy1/2 cup1002.52117.52.5M/S/Coconut
di'lishi dark chocolate1/2 cup110023173M
di'lishi french toast1/2 cup100021174M/E
di'lishi graham crackers1/2 cup100023183M
di'lishi maple latte1/2 cup10002116.53.5M/E
di'lishi milk chocolate1/2 cup130225183M
di'lishi pb&j1/2 cup110221183M/P
di’lishi pina colada1/2 cup105122183M/S/TN
di'lishi s'mores1/2 cup103023183
di'lishi vanilla beans1/2 cup1304.519152M
di'lishi white chocolate1/2 cup100022173M/ E
fluffer-nutter1/2 cup140522194M/E/P
fudgy mint cookies1/2 cup110024182M/E/S/W
grandma’s chocolate cake1/2 cup125222.5183M/E
grandma's devil's food cake1/2 cup110122173M/E
greek black cherry1/2 cup100019147M
happy birthday cake1/2 cup1000.520164M/E
hawaiian pineapple1/2 cup100022183M
hi-ho-cherry-yo1/2 cup110024203M
iced coffee1/2 cup90020163M
irish mint1/2 cup100022183M/E
it's greek to me1/2 cup90016117M
juicy strawberry1/2 cup100021173M
just peachy1/2 cup100023182M
lemon creamalicious1/2 cup100022183M
lemon icebox pie1/2 cup100023183M
lemon pound cake1/2 cup110122183M/E
love it a latte1/2 cup100021163M
mama’s banana pudding1/2 cup110121173M/E
manhattan cheesecake1/2 cup110022183M/E
maple bacon pancake1/2 cup100021173M/W
orange you glad it's di'lishi?1/2 cup100022183M
peach cobbler1/2 cup110122182M/E
peanut butter cups1/2 cup130322163.5M/P
peanut butter cups (dark)1/2 cup12022115.53.5M/P
peanut butter pie1/2 cup125320.516.54M/E/P
peanut butter perfection1/2 cup140519154M/P
peanut butter’s gone bananas1/2 cup1202.520164M/P
pineapple upside down cake1/2 cup110122182M/E
pistachi'yo1/2 cup100022183M
raspberry macaroon1/2 cup105123182M/S/TN
red ripe raspberry1/2 cup100023172M
red velvet cupcake1/2 cup120223173M/E
root beer float1/2 cup100022183M
salted caramel1/2 cup120223183M/E
salted caramel macaroon1/2 cup115122.518.52.5M/E/S/C
strawberry cheesecake1/2 cup105022183M/E
sweet carolina blue1/2 cup95021153M/E
sweet coconut1/2 cup110122183M/S/TN
toasted marshmall'yo1/2 cup100022193M/ E
vanilla bean pound cake1/2 cup1253.520163M/E
upside-down pineapple sorbet1/2 cup90024193
silk vanilla almond milk1/2 cup110224111TN
buttercream carrot cake1/2 cup100021163M
candy cane1/2 cup100020173M
cinnamon sugar cookie1/2 cup100020173M
di’lishi eggnog1/2 cup110023182M/E
gingersnap1/2 cup100022183M
grandma's apple pie1/2 cup100021173M
peppermint bark1/2 cup100021183M/E
pumpkin cheesecake1/2 cup110022184M/E
pumpkin fluff1/2 cup110023183M/E
pumpkin pie1/2 cup110023183M
pumpkin spice cookies1/2 cup105023183M/E
pumpkin spice latte1/2 cup105022173M
pumpkin spice cake1/2 cup115122183M/E
state fair caramel apple1/2 cup115223182M/E