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health benefits

Good for the body

Not all frozen yogurt is created equal. Our commitment to you is that no matter which location you visit, you will get the same high-quality, probiotic-rich fro-yo in your cup. Our yogurt starts at 100 million parts of live and active cultures per gram and goes up to nearly 500 million parts per gram – at the time that you eat it! That is 10 to almost 50 times higher than the National Yogurt Association’s standard, and this being at the time of production. Our yogurt is pasteurized before it is cultured, and what that means for you is that the probiotic count is stabilized and sustained from the point of manufacturing until it reaches your cup. And with an average count of 100 calories per half-cup, you can enjoy it guilt free!

You might ask, “What if I have special dietary needs?” At di’lishi, we want to have something on tap for everyone, every day. Most consumers with lactose intolerance can eat frozen yogurt with no adverse effects, because the live and active cultures feed on the milk sugar, or lactose, during processing, and the result is a product that contains only trace amounts of lactose. It’s a real treat for those who can’t enjoy other dairy products. Also flowing from the taps, we have no-sugar added varieties and non-dairy sorbet to meet most dietary needs. All of the nutritional benefits of our frozen yogurt make it a di’lishi choice for your health.